It makes a lot of sense when you choose to dedicate some of your time to the bathrooms in your house. After all, it is a room you spend time in every day. At the end of a hectic day, a hot bath takes away all your fatigue away. Designing that perfect bathroom is far from easy. But with a solid guide, you can be able to make a few changes that can transform it into a good one. Rebrothers will help you in every which way to get you everything you need in this regard.

Believe it or not, crafting a bathroom with full of style is not impossible. we have a lot of ideas which will make your bathroom comfortable and beautiful enough.

We will provide you with all the qualities of a good bathroom starting with the flooring, we will choose materials as per requirements such as non-slippery material for the ground tiles to keep you from falling. The tiles we use will be rugged enough to increase the friction. They will be comfortable enough for your bare feet. We have paints which are water resistant. This is important because the walls will come into contact with a lot of moisture.

As bathrooms should have adequate space. We have ideas, which will magnify the amount of space in your bathroom. Mirrors can help create this effect. Lighting is also very important for a bathroom. It includes ceiling lights and vanity lights. We will provide you with good lighting sense for your bathroom.

Rebrothers will provide you with all good bathroom accessories i.e., Grab rails, towel rails, Towel rings, Towel racks, Towel hooks, Soap dispensers, Soap holders / dishes, Sponge baskets, Toothbrush holders, stylish toilets, bathtubs, different types of taps, shower systems, thermostatic showers of good water pressure system and much more things according to your choices and requirements and all along with good quality fittings. The showers we provide will be designed according to your specifications.

The tiles are one of the most important elements in the design of the bathroom. Our bathroom tiles are available in a variety of colors, sizes and textures and are a very popular choice because they are more durable and easier to clean. These tiles will give your bathroom a complete look. We also use natural materials of your choice on floors and walls. Granite, marble, river rock all from nature. Well u know, quality lasts forever and never go out of style.

There are much more things which will surprise you so what are you waiting for? we will provide you all facilities of bathroom with quality fittings using genuine materials. Your bathroom will give you so much aesthetic feel that you would see it more as a stress relieving place than a bathroom.