If your home needs refurbishment and you are looking for a trustworthy team who can refurbish your home according to your requirements, needs and demands in specific budget with proper planning and in small span of time. We at Rebrothers have a professional team which will make your ideas a ground reality. We will help you to improve the broken and damaged parts of your house into a new one or to convert an outdated property into something which is much more modern along with a strong structure.

Our criteria is very simple At first we plan and design the project which is going to be refurbished, after that we notice down all the structural repairs that are required, the aspects of property which have to be rebuilt and then we finish the project in whichever style you want to achieve. It is more about taking something that is old dated and bringing it back to life rather than completely going back to grass roots and starting again making them not only look great but for them to be more structurally sound as well.

House refurbishment is more difficult than building a new house, but, if done properly by the professionals it can save you a lot of cost and yet provide you the feeling of a new home.

We manage each stage of the project of house refurbishment very professionally by dealing with the architects and even by local authorities for securing planning permission. We’ll give you guarantee that every task will look, feel and function nicely and perfectly.

After having a consultation session about your property, we will create a tailor-made plan of action which will be specific to your property, goals and budget. All of this will be based on the hard work and passion that will give you a quality service you deserve. For us every project is different and unique.

It is very important to know about the budget in which you want to make the whole work done. Low budget doesn’t mean that there will be some sort of negligence in your work. Our professional team have a lot of plans and ways to satisfy you with their work in low budget as well. All work will be done within the deadline. Our professional team knows how to counteract without losing time or money.

Rebrothers will help you in unlocking the potential of your property by refurbishing it whether you want to refurbish your home to live in, or you want your property to get modernize in order to sell on for a profit or rent out to tenants for a profitable rental yield.

So, now is the time to pick up the phone and give us a call and we will be on our way to giving you a service you will not regret.