In today’s world where property prices keep on increasing by the day and your income seems to be always playing catch up to your expenses, buying a new home may seem like a far out idea but it doesn’t mean that you can’t afford new interior for an extension in your room. Room extensions can make your everyday living easier and satisfying and at the same time be a very small Dent in your wallet as compared to buy new space.

When it comes to room extensions there are various questions that need to be answered such as, “is this room extension in line with the building regulations?”, “will it add value to your room?”, “what will be the most efficient design?” or “can your boiler cope if extra spacing is being created?” etc.

If you are struggling with any of these questions you don’t need to worry anymore. We at Rebuilders have an amazing team of Structural Engineers, Designers and Building assessment specialists. We have got you covered all the way from location of a certain window to the size of the frame to the electrical installations. You name the problem and got the solution for you.

Our team will carefully select the kind of work needed for extension of your room, to suit the interior of your room, the kind of texture needed to not only compliment your room extension but to your taste since we keep “you” at the center of our design. Our team will be sharing innovative ideas with you personally so that best quality work can be achieved. Our structural engineers will be there to make sure that designing of those beautiful extensions does not come at the cost of strength of building.

After all, you’ll be investing financially and emotionally in building an extension so you want the build to go as smoothly as it can go! So let us help you in this matter. We will surely help you out in making extentions in your room according to your requirements and we have ways of creating the feeling of more space, without adding a large extension. We will achieve your requirements through intricate designing, not only of the new space, but also what is already there. Our room extensions will make economic sense, you will see the value added will be greater than the cost of the project.

Often extenders get preoccupied with only thinking of the project in terms of square metres, not in terms of what that size is adding to the house. You know, Bigger is not always better when it comes to room extensions, we have ways of creating the feeling of more space, without adding a large extension to your room. The room extention that we will provide will add value to your room. Our architects, architectural technicians, specialist designers, package build companies’ in-house design teams will satisfy you in the extensions you need for your room in wonderful ways.

We will give you room extensions which will meet all current building regulations. We provide a complete service from the initial design through to installation and finish and even a Structural Warranty.